Many residents who live alone face the danger that a fall, stroke or sudden illness could leave them incapacitated and unable to seek immediate help. One of the most effective means of reducing isolation, victimization, and health concerns is daily contact through a telephone reassurance call.

TeleCare is a FREE telephone-based service that offers a regular connection and supports caregiving services already in place. Our trained staff and volunteers provide daily telephone calls to community members, including seniors and people with disabilities.

TeleCare offers:

  • Emotional support and a friendly check-in
  • Medication reminders and well-being checks
  • Temporary support upon hospital discharge

TeleCare provides clients with the comfort of knowing that someone will contact them on a regular basis. It also offers families the peace of mind that their loved ones are being checked on daily. Each client has a safety plan in place and a designated contact is alerted if we are unable to reach a client by telephone.

TeleCare clients are referred by:

  • Family, friends, neighbors, clergy
  • Medical personnel
  • Community or government agencies
  • The Contact Hotline

Know someone who needs us?

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about TeleCare, please call 315-251-1400 x115 or email

Program Resources

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Would you like to make a difference?

We are now accepting applications for TeleCare volunteers! This is a flexible and truly rewarding opportunity.

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