Loneliness & Isolation in Seniors – Why TeleCare is So Important

For various reasons, social contacts tend to decrease as we age. Many people over the age of 65 live alone and lack regular companionship. Research indicates that loneliness and social isolation pose a severe threat to physical and mental health. Additionally, there is a connection between social isolation and higher rates of elder abuse and victimization.

One of the most effective means of reducing isolation, health concerns, and victimization is daily contact through a telephone reassurance call.

“Your phone calls mean so very much to me. I really enjoy each and every person I talk to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Peg, TeleCare Client

“If not for your support I’d been in the hospital now. It’s so nice to know people care about you.” – Richard, TeleCare Client

“Your calls are the reason I get up and dressed in the morning. When you call I want to be able to report what I’ve done so far in my day.” – Marilyn, TeleCare Client

What is TeleCare? –  A Caring Connection & Peace of Mind

TeleCare is a FREE telephone reassurance program that offers a daily connection and supports caregiving services already in place. Our trained Reassurance Specialists provide friendly calls to seniors and/or those with disability.

The TeleCare program aims to reduce isolation, loneliness, and depression, and help people to remain independent in their homes. Specifically, TeleCare offers:

  • Emotional support and a friendly check-in

  • Medication reminders

  • Well-being checks

  • Temporary support upon hospital discharge

TeleCare provides clients with the comfort of knowing that someone will contact them on a regular basis. It also offers families the peace of mind that their loved ones are being checked on daily. Each client has a safety plan in place and a designated contact is alerted if we are unable to reach a client by telephone.

TeleCare’s Impact

Though the impact of connection is hard to measure, TeleCare is thrilled to share the following statistics:

  • 10 Years of TeleCare Service

  • 11 Counties Served

  • 38 Referral Sources

  • 100+ Clients Engaged in 2021

  • 212 Cards Mailed to Clients in 2021

  • 32,000+ Calls Placed in 2021

  • 54,750 Hours of TeleCare Service

Want Someone to Call You?

Maintaining social relationships can become harder as we age. Some obstacles may include death of a spouse or close friends, retirement, or even changes in health or mobility. While there may be many factors to consider, TeleCare strives to overcome these barriers and help our clients build healthy social relationships that make them feel valued.

TeleCare calls are made 365 days a year between 7am and 10pm. The time and frequency of calls depends on a person’s needs and preferences. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about TeleCare, please call 315.218.1915 or email [email protected]. You may also complete this brief online form and someone will contact you by telephone to follow up.

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Want to be a TeleCare Volunteer?

TeleCare is an extremely rewarding volunteer opportunity! Hours are flexible and volunteers make a difference in the lives of clients by keeping them connected to their community. Our volunteers are trained and supported by staff. They are instrumental in ensuring clients feel valued and cared for. Our volunteers have a heart for service and each call is an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.

Volunteer qualifications include:

  • Attend orientation and training sessions.

  • Willing to establish a friendly, caring relationship with seniors over the phone.

  • Great active listening skills.

  • Willing to commit of two shifts per month for a minimum of six months of service.

Interested in volunteering? Please complete our brief online application.

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