Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a school-based mental health/substance abuse program where counselors provide FREE, voluntary and confidential assessments, counseling and referral services to students and their families.

Individuals that use substances often begin doing so in adolescence, often with background and experiences that have primed conditions for doing so.

For More Information Visit: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

All SAP counselors are highly skilled and experts in providing evidence-based programming to students in the middle and high school level.  This includes providing:  Teen Intervene and Refuse, Reason and Remove substance use prevention interventions.  All counselors are trained and experienced in Motivational Interviewing techniques, as well as various strength-based trauma informed counseling approached when working individually with students.

Our SAP counselors are actively involved in daily school life.  Our counselors:

  • Participate in school-related committees
  • Provide information, resources and referrals
  • Parent engagement
  • Facilitate interactive educational activities; such as

      • Prevention Education
      • Monthly/Weekly National Health Observances
        • Problem Gambling
        • Drunk/Drugged/Distracted Driving
        • Substance Abuse
        • Children of Alcoholics
        • Alcohol Awareness
        • Drug Facts
        • National Problem Gambling
        • Kick Butts Day
        • Great American Smokeout
SAP counselors provide staff training concerning mental health and adolescent issues. Benefits to having on-site SAP counselors include students and the school community have access to on-site counseling and referral services; professional, on-site response to mental health emergencies, including suicide assessment or coping with loss; and substance abuse education.

SAP counselors are in North Syracuse Central School District and Syracuse City School District high schools.

Counselors for The Student Assistance Program (SAP) deliver evidence-based programs to prevent loss of life among youth, delay age of onset or first use, break the cycle of addiction in families, and improve access to services (prevention, treatment and recovery) through school and community partnerships.

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Prevention of Substance Use In Youth

“You helped me in a way that I couldn't help myself. I know I wouldn't have been able to pass high school without knowing you were always there if I ever needed someone to talk to.”

- 18 year old
Students served
Students Received School-wide Awareness Activities

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