The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is an evidence-based practice that comes recommended by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), the Washington State Institute for Public Policy and the Institute of Medicine. PAX GBG is a scientifically proven classroom-based approach that teachers use to teach skills for self-regulation and self-control during any school or after-school activity.

We also hold FREE trainings for in-home PAX tools.

PAX Good Behavior Game reduces disruptive & inattentive behaviors where teachers, students, administrators and families can see, hear and feel measurable change within weeks. PAX GBG teaches students self-regulation, self-control and self-management in the context of collaborating with others for peace, productivity, health and happiness.

PAX Good Behavior Game reduces teachers’ stress and student problem behaviors and increases safety. The bottom line for teachers is that PAX GBG delivers students who can be fully attentive and engaged in learning. A teacher can now use all his or her resources to teach well.

This is not a classroom management program, but it makes managing classrooms a breeze. PAX GBG is presently the most proven prevention and protection tool an individual classroom teacher can use to improve the lifetime outcomes of each child in his or her classroom.

Applications for Practice

  • Improved Education & Employment Outcomes
  • Better Mental Health
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Increased Pro-Social Behavior
  • Reduced Stress for Teachers
  • Less Substance Abuse
  • Improved Family Relationships

Susan VanCamp, Director of School Services,, 315-251-1400 ext. 122

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