World Suicide Prevention Day Opening Conversation To Stop Suicide

Originally posted on Bridge Street on Newschannel 9
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Tuesday, September 10th has been designated as World Suicide Prevention Day. The day is to raise awareness of this important public health issue that is a leading cause of death.

“The more we talk about it the more we can reduce stigma and help to lower those suicide rates,” said Stephanie Grandjean, assistant director of Crisis Intervention Services. The organization has teamed up with many other local companies like National Grid, Excellus BCBS, Le Moyne College, OCC, and Beak & Skiff to spread the word and get the whole community involved.

“At Beak & Skiff we’ve always been committed to giving back to the Syracuse community and the surrounding areas,” said co-owner, Marianne Brennan. “Suicide and mental health issues have affected the Beak & Skiff families on a personal level so as a business we really wanted to focus our efforts on something that we could directly impact.”

In any given two-week period 1 in 20 people have thoughts of suicide. “If we break our arm, we go to the doctor. We’re not ashamed to go to a doctor for a physical health concern,” said Grandjean. “But it’s not as common for someone who is struggling with mental health issues or issues with their brain to go to mental health professionals or to talk about it.”

“It might seem like an uncomfortable conversation to have but if you think something seems off or someone is struggling, open the lines of communications because it could quite literally save someone’s life,” said Brennan.

Community Services provides a 24-hour counseling support, crisis intervention, information, and referral services through their hotline, 315-251-0600.

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