Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in Pre-K through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills and focus on learning. Through play, Primary Project addresses children’s school adjustment difficulties and increases their chances for success.

Primary Project supports social and emotional learning by enhancing students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.

Between 15-30% of children find it difficult to adjust to the demands of school. Primary Project helps overcome difficulties before they become entrenched. Early intervention helps students succeed in the school setting. This success makes children more willing to try new experiences and to navigate the tasks involved in learning.

Teachers regularly assess their students’ academic skills; they also observe and measure how their students are adjusting to school socially and emotionally. If a teacher, parent or other school personnel think a child might benefit from participation, a permission form is sent home. At any time, we encourage parents to call for more information about the program and how their child might benefit.

A Child Associate meets with each child individually for 30 minutes for 12-15 weeks. Through expressive play with the Child Associate, children gain skills in decision making, tolerating frustration, taking appropriate risks, making discoveries and solving problems creatively. These skills are practiced and learned through the natural way young children learn, express and communicate – through play.

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