August 10, 2020

Linking Individuals Needing Crisis Support to a network of community partners

Syracuse/Central NY – CNY LINCS (Linking Individuals Needing Crisis Support) is a community-based program addressing serious emotional and mental health challenges by offering supportive phone calls or text messages to individuals who are experiencing some level of crisis in their lives. There are often other issues that add to the level of stress, CNY LINCS can identify those stressors and connect the individual directly to community partners who will support them in real time as they navigate services in Onondaga and Oswego County. Telephone counselors provide care coordination, referrals to community resources and a safe space to talk things out.

Data shows nearly half of initial mental health appointments made at time of discharge from a suicide-related hospital stay are not kept.

CNY LINCS will act as a hub of services and provide individuals with a higher level of care to ensure their safety. By using the Unite Us platform, CNY LINCS providers will know where the individual in crisis is and verify that a warm hand-off to a community partner has occurred. Unite Us allows for follow up care between the individual and community partners to determine if the individual has been able to connect with referrals. The platform will also allow agencies the ability to understand any barriers the individual may face when it comes to connecting with services. CNY LINCS provides:

  • Phone Counseling
  • Mobile Crisis Outreach
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Crisis Respite/Peer Support
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Services
  • Supportive Follow-up
  • Basic Needs and Other Community Resources

“I signed up for CNY LINCS in the hospital because it seemed like a wise thing to do,” said a CNY LINCS program participant. “I am glad that I did as it was an extremely helpful service for me. It kept tabs on me and helped me do what I needed to do.”

Individuals who are eligible for CNY LINCS are those who need support during a time of crisis. The person can enter the CNY LINCS system by referral from partnering agencies or through Contact Community Services’ various counseling and crisis lines. The individual will then be placed with one of the community partners providing specialized services in need. Community partners include Liberty Resources, St. Joseph Hospital and many others.

CNY LINCS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get connected, call 315.251.1400.