Positive Action is an evidence-based system which is integrated and coherent to address the school’s entire eco-system – school, family and community.

The underlying philosophy is that you feel good about yourself when you do positive actions; it teaches positive actions for the physical, intellectual, social and emotional areas – the whole self. Therefore, it achieves outcomes in so many areas. The solution to ever problem is simple – positive actions.

Whether it is academics or behavior, or social and emotional development, or physical and mental health, Positive Action teaches the needed positive actions.

Additionally, you know that students think they should behave positively because the adults want them to. Positive Action teaches students why they should do it for themselves – because positive actions lead to good feelings about yourself. This is a priority for every student. It is true and it works!  

Positive Action is evidence-based for improving academics, behavior, social and emotional learning, and mental and physical health. It is also affordable and cost-effective.

Positive Action is a system with engaging, easy-to-use components, that provides training, professional development and consultation services. We provide evaluation and administrative services.

Educators looking for outcomes in Title I-V, RTI, special education, school climate, academics, behavior, social & emotional learning, mental & physical health and more. Also, families and communities who want to succeed!Positive Action is a comprehensive program that is delivered through toolkits that are complete with manuals and all the materials needed to carry out the lessons and activities. Each component can stand alone, be configured in any combination, or be used as part of the whole.

 Positive Action is used in the school, in the classroom, in the home and in the community.

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