Online Counseling Chat for Medical Personnel Who Treat COVID-19 Patients

Ronald W. Heilmann, LCSW, LMFT and Ashley Heilmann Renlund are offering 5-6 free online counseling chats for up to 8 individuals through Zoom conferencing. The chats will be professionally facilitated by Ronald and Ashley. After introductions, Ashley will first lead participants in a group exercise to help mentally and emotionally center the medical professionals. Ronald and Ashley will then facilitate a discussion around the experiences of the participants dealing with their very ill patients and their families. In closing, Ronald will sum up the time with observations on how to process their unique experiences that often center around trauma. The entire chat will be no more than 40 minutes long and participants will be free to come and go as needed.

To sign up for the Online Chat discussions, please email:

More about Ashley and Ronald

Ashley Heilmann Renlund

Ashley Heilmann Renlund holds a MA in communication theory and rhetoric (2006). She has been a certified yoga and mediation teacher since 2008 and has held classes for diverse groups including physically disabled adults, persons with neuro-psychological disorders and athletes. She has spent 2 years working as a coach for adults with neuro-psychological disorders before completing a vocational training program in stress-management (based on CBT and ACT) in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018. Ashley currently works with groups and individuals as a stress counselor and educator. Ashley draws upon her expertise in effective communication, self-care and contemplative practices to help clients effect meaningful change in personal wellbeing. Ashley is driven by the belief that healthy individuals make functional families, supportive workplaces and effective organizations.

Ronald W. Heilmann, LCSW, LMFT

Ronald W. Heilmann, LCSW, LMFT earned his master’s degree in Clinical Social Work with a concentration in group therapy from Indiana University in 1970. He advanced his clinical skills by obtaining certification in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University in 1980. Since then he has been in private practice from his home in Syracuse, NY. Along with 50 years of clinical experience doing individual, couple and family therapy, he has worked as a divorce and family mediator. These experiences have given rise to his focusing on “families in transition.” Most notable of these was his creation, coordination and lead presenter of the Children 1st program, a parent education class for parents who have become divorced or otherwise no longer cohabiting with the other parent. The last 7 of 14 years the program functioned under the auspices of Contact Community Services. Ron believes that our contemporary culture forces families to be in a constant state of flux and transition. These changes often bring about crisis and the need to manage stress, as well as develop the capacity for resiliency. Moreover, the need to develop greater emotional maturity to solve contemporary problems looms ever larger.

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